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Day after day, there is a relentless barrage in the Tory media against the newly-elected Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. The whole Establishment, including the Blairite ring-wing in the Parliamentary Labour Party, has rallied to attack Corbyn and protect the privileges of the ruling class. Defend Corbyn! Fight for Socialism!

Day after day, there is a relentless barrage in the Tory media against the newly-elected Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Their poisoned pens are working flat out to undermine him at every turn.  He is attacked for not singing “God Save the Queen”, dithering over wearing a red poppy, attacked over being anti-EU, anti-NATO, anti-Trident, anti-monarchy, anti-patriotic, anti-women and all manner of things. Every day, new stories appear of past love affairs and the like, all designed to discredit him. “THIS MAN IS UNELECTABLE!”, they shout; “HE IS A DANGER TO BRITAIN!”, they scream.

The Labour Party leader must submit! They demand that he gets down on his knees and kiss the Queen’s hand; that he shows deference to the Privy Council; and that he, in effect, grovels on all fours before the parasites of the British Establishment.

More than 400 years after Cromwell’s revolution, these anti-democratic feudal relics should have been swept aside long ago. The only reason they are retained is to be used as a reserve weapon against a future left Labour government.

The Establishment closes ranks 

corbynthreat2Today, the capitalist press have unleashed the mad dogs; but many people, as can be seen from the tabloid letter’s pages, can see through this filth of mud slinging. In fact, such attacks are becoming counter-productive for the ruling class. Despite all this Niagara Falls of lies and slander, within a week of Jeremy Corbyn being elected, over 60,000 new members have joined the Labour Party. The party now has more members than the Tories, Lib Dems and SNP combined!

However, the capitalist press and media continue with their disgraceful offensive, scandalously backed up by ring-wing members of Labour’s shadow cabinet.

Not surprisingly, the CBI (Confederation of British Industry - the bosses' union) has come out against Corbyn, saying that a Corbyn victory in 2020 would see a flight of capital. The idea of Corbyn that the Bank of England should lose its independence was met with a resignation threat from the governor Mark Carney. In reality, the Bank of England has never been “independent”, but is the handmaiden of the City of London and big business. Nevertheless, it shows where his loyalties lie.

Now the Tory press are publishing articles to show that Britain’s top military brass - suprise, suprise - are plotting a coup if Jeremy Corbyn leads Labour to power. This “unidentified” army general explained that a Corbyn Labour victory would result in “mass resignations at all levels” and that there would be the “very real prospect of an event which would effectively be a mutiny”.

In highly mutinous remarks, the army commander said any attempt by Corbyn to take Britain out of NATO, scrap Trident or cut the size of Britain’s forces would be fought by means “fair or foul”. “The Army just wouldn’t stand for it”, says the anonymous general. “The general staff would not allow a Prime Minister to jeopardise the security of this country and people would use whatever means possible, fair or foul, to prevent that. You can’t put a maverick in charge of a country’s security.”

So much for democracy.

Military coup?

Apparently, this high-ranking general, who is understood to have served in Northern Ireland in the 1980s, claimed that the armed forces would take “direct action” to prevent a Corbyn government from downgrading defence and went on to say that his victory had been greeted with “wholesale dismay” even among Labour-supporting soldiers.

While expressing the view of the top brass, the mood amongst ordinary soldiers, mainly economic conscripts, will be entirely different from these “toffs”.

While the Ministry of Defence moved to condemn the general about his proposed “mutiny”, these views definitely reflect the real attitude of the military high command in Britain. These upper-class, unelected generals and admirals are all part of the British Establishment, supporters of the Tory party, swearing allegiance not to Parliament, but to the unelected monarch. They are there to defend “Queen and Country” - that is, to the ruling class and their wealth and power.

This is not new. In the early 1970s, when the Labour Party moved to the left, Brigardier-General Kitson, outlined similar views. In fact, a “debate” took place in The Times over the benefits at that time of a military coup, but thought it premature.

The unnamed general has simply blurted out what all the others are thinking and is a direct warning about what will happen if a left Labour government seeks to challenge capitalism. “Democracy” for them is merely a tool to keep everything under control; a convenient facade to be dispensed with when necessary.  You can say what you like (although, of course, it is the fat-cat media moguls who control what areas in the press), including in Parliament - but it is ultimately the bankers and big business that really get to decide everything.

A military coup at this time is ruled out, given the current balance of forces in favour of the working class. But the British Establishment, out of desperation, may change its mind in the future. The ruling class will not give up its power and privileges without a struggle, with no holds barred. This is a clear warning for the future, if these people remain at the helm.

Wolves in sheep's clothing

blair progress speech“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Matthew 7:15

Originally, the right wing in the Labour Party - the Blairites – wanted to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn on day one. But they were given one hell of a bloody nose and were forced to bide their time. Given this massive setback, the right wing decided to play a more long-term game, hoping that Corbyn would lead the party to defeat. Once that happened, they would stick in the knife at the opportune time.

However, the ruling class has had second thoughts. Given the latest developments, it seems the right wing are now going for broke, with the full backing of the media and big business.

Given his weak position amongst Labour MPs, Jeremy Corbyn has tried to placate the right wing in the Parliamentary Labour Party by proclaiming the party to be a “broad church” and inviting the Blairites to join his shadow cabinet. Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority refused, citing fundamental policy differences. But then a few agreed to join his cabinet, as long as Jeremy watered down his principles. So Hilary Benn joined and explained that Labour would be supporting the EU no matter what. The arch-Blairite Lord Faulkner, likewise, joined the shadow cabinet, making clear his support for Nato, Trident and possible military action in Syria. Andy Burnham and others followed suit, laying down similar conditions. There were even appeals for Chuka Umunna to join the shadow cabinet, the man who instantly set up the new “Resistance Group” against Jeremy Corbyn!

It is like the Biblical lion lying down with the lamb. The danger of this strategy is that very quickly Corbyn could become a prisoner of the right wing and be forced to retreat on the policies he was elected on.

Such concessions are regarded by the right wing as a sign of weakness - and in politics, as in warfare, weakness invites aggression. Within days, right-wing shadow cabinet members, in acts of complete disloyalty, were busy attacking Corbyn and his policies.

The Blairite Fifth Column

These right-wing MPs represent a tiny minority within today’s Labour Party, but they want to carry on as before in deciding everything. They do this, of course, in the name of “democracy”.

In reality, these right-wingers flocked into the party in search of careers and power. Under Blair, they were parachuted into Labour Party, which elbowed the working class members to one side. They came with their smart suits and Tory policies to purge the Labour Party of its socialist aspirations. While some on the left talk about a “broad church”, the Blairites held no such illusions. They quickly imposed their rule and swept aside the Left and those regarded as “Old Labour”. They had no scruples about kicking the Left out of the party. Of course, they had the full backing of the capitalist establishment and media who wanted to keep the party “in safe hands” for capitalism.

Now these “democrats” are on the warpath in attacking Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. It is open season as far as they are concerned. “Rule or ruin” is their motto. According to accounts, half the shadow cabinet will vote with the Tories over whether to back air strikes against ISIS positions in Syria, against the Labour leader.

Lord Falconer, the shadow Justice Secretary, said he would be prepared to back a bombing campaign as long as it had proper military and legal justification. Likewise, Hilary Benn, the shadow Foreign Secretary, also refused to rule out supporting military intervention, saying he would “look at the objectives”.

It is clear that the right wing are all preparing to defy Corbyn on a string of issues and undermine his authority. In practice, they are acting as a Fifth Column - Tory infiltrators - within the Labour Party. They are fighting for their political careers and positions, which they regard as their entitlement for life. Above all, they are fighting to keep the Labour Party “safe” for big business, while they act as capitalism’s loyal servants.Even Sadiq Khan, the “soft left” candidate for London mayor, has overnight become transformed into Tessa Jowell - his arch-Blairite mayoral rival - and attacked the policies of John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor:  “I am really comfortable with successful business people, they are comfortable with me, I know the challenges they face,” Khan said. “I would be an advocate for London — and that includes the City and the business world.” These words could have come straight from the mouth of Tony Blair.

Kick out the careerists! Defend Corbyn! Fight for Socialism!


The majority of Labour’s rank and file are justifiably up in arms at this continuous sabotage. These Tory-imitating carpetbaggers have ruled the party for too long and have lost their support in the party. That was the meaning of the Corbyn victory.

It is time the party was placed back in the hands of the membership. This means that these right-wing saboteurs must be called to order. Every Labour Party should demand that its MP end this destructive sabotage and support Jeremy Corbyn. If they cannot give such a guarantee, they must face a reselection meeting where the rank and file can give their verdict. The Party must have representatives that they can put their trust in.

Rather than these careerists, the Labour Party should be represented by genuine socialists, committed to kicking out the Tories, fighting austerity, and ending this dictatorship of big business.

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