Socialist Appeal - British section of the International Marxist Tendency: the Marxist voice of labour and youth.

It's been a revolutionary year internationally and a successful year for the Marxists in Britain. However, in order to continue in the fight for a socialist programme, we are appealing to all our readers this winter to help raise £6,000 for our fighting fund and help us build the forces of Marxism here in Britain and internationally. Every contribution - small and large - helps, so please consider contributing what you can at this festive time of year.

It's been a revolutionary year internationally, with countless struggles and mass movements over the past 12 months, from the latest waves of the Arab Revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, to the huge demonstrations in Turkey and Brazil. The crisis of capitalism continues, with the mainstream economists and politicians able to explain nothing and solve even less. In the USA, the deadlock between the Republicans and Democrats has led to government shutdown and the threat of default; in Europe, the crisis of the eurozone remains unresolved.

In Britain, the class struggle has intensified, but the leadership of the labour movement has been found lacking. Unite capitulated in the case of Grangemouth, and Miliband, although making some left-sounding noises, has not offered any fundamentally different programme to that of the Tories. Nevertheless, the bourgeoisie are worried by the growing anger in society and the support for public ownership that now exists as a result.

Never, therefore, has the need for the ideas of Marxism and a revolutionary leadership been greater. Socialist Appeal are fighting for a socialist programme in the labour and student movements, and providing a Marxist voice for the movements of workers and youth today through our paper, magazines, website, and books.

It has been a successful year for the Marxists in Britain in this respect: a large number of youth are coming into contact with Marxist ideas through the Marxist societies, as part of the Marxist Student Federation that Socialist Appeal supporters have helped to set up on university campuses; through the Marxist societies, Socialist Appeal supporters have been active in supporting the strikes of university workers; and this year saw our most successful Marxist weekend school ever.

But in order to continue with this activity, we need your help. All of our work requires financial resources, but we have no rich backers from the banks or big business. Instead, we rely on the kind donations of our supporters.

So this winter we are appealing to our readers to help us in the fight for socialist ideas by contributing towards our festive fighting fund. We have a target of £6,000, so please contribute what you can today - every little helps.


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