The Marxist tendency in Britain is taking a big step forward, launching a spin-off branch of our publishing house, Wellred Books. Head to to browse our amazing range of titles, and to take advantage of our ‘Red Friday’ sale!

The Marxist tendency in Britain is taking a big step forward, launching a spin-off branch of our publishing house, Wellred Books. Head to to browse our amazing range of titles, and to take advantage of our ‘Red Friday’ sale!

With a growing thirst for the ideas of Marxism, in Britain and across the world, Socialist Appeal and the International Marxist Tendency (IMT) are proud to announce the launch of Wellred Books Britain.

Wellred Books has been an integral part of the IMT’s work since 2013, when it was first established.

Producing books, magazines, and pamphlets of the highest political quality, Wellred has armed a new generation of revolutionaries with the weapons needed to wage a political, ideological, and theoretical struggle against capitalism.

Today, with capitalism in its deepest ever crisis, Wellred Books needs to grow, in order to be able to respond to the needs of the sharpening class war. This means developing and raising the profile of our bookshops in every country.

This is why Wellred Books Britain has been established, as the new bookshop of the British section of the IMT – branching off from our international publishing house Wellred Books

Marxist milestones

Wellred titles

We’ve conquered many milestones over the years with our publications.

With our unyielding focus on genuine Marxist theory, our flagship titles remain The Classics of Marxism, volumes one and two. These contain the main texts needed for any budding revolutionary, providing a firm grounding in the fundamentals of Marxism.

Along the way, we have also republished many other classic works of Marxism that have long been out of print. This includes: Anti-Dühring and Dialectics of Nature by Engels; Materialism & Empirio-criticism by Lenin; In Defence of Marxism and First Five years of the Communist International by Trotsky; and many others.

At the same time, Marxism is a living science, not an ossified academic discipline. The revolutionary ideas of scientific socialism are more relevant than ever.

For this reason, we have also published new contributions to theory by authors from the IMT. Amongst the many titles released by Wellred in recent years are: Reason in Revolt and History of Philosophy by Alan Woods; Permanent Revolution in Latin America by Jorge Martin; Understanding Marx’s Capital and Chartist Revolution by Rob Sewell; and The Revolutionary Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg by Marie Frederiksen.

The jewel in our crown was the 2016 republication of Stalin: the most complete edition ever released of Leon Trotsky’s unfinished final book; a biographical analysis of the Soviet dictator.

Thanks to a concerted and lengthy effort by many comrades, Trotsky’s original writings were salvaged from Harvard’s Houghton Library. And after being translated and edited, these were incorporated into the most definitive edition to date.

In addition to publishing books, Wellred has continued to produce the In Defence of Marxism magazine – a worldwide quarterly theoretical bulletin. A publication unlike any other, every IDOM issue presents articles of the highest theoretical level on a variety of topics.

Alongside this, we have also printed a large number of pamphlets, with our Marxist Introductions series remaining a constant bestseller.

From strength to strength

Thanks to comrades’ hard work over the years, and with the forces of Marxism growing in Britain and internationally, we are now in a position to divide the publishing side of Wellred from the sales and distribution.

This will allow us to go from strength to strength: focussing on our ambitious publication schedule; and printing even more classic texts and new titles.

This includes the new edition of Alan Woods’ Ireland: Republicanism & Revolution, which is being launched tomorrow; and the upcoming republication of Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution.

Wellred Britain will focus on the retail distribution of this material among our many supporters and subscribers. This year alone, to date, we have sold thousands of Marxist books. And we are hoping to increase this figure in the coming years.

Onwards and upwards!

With this in mind we’d like to invite all Socialist Appeal activists, readers, supporters, and sympathisers to visit our new website; and to spread the word, by following our new social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok.

The website features a slick modern design, as well as a section for our reading guides. This highlights that our aim is not merely running a successful bookshop, but educating revolutionary cadres; to ensure that these books are not just widely read, but that the ideas contained within are put into practice, by fighting to transform society along socialist lines.

We have come a long way since our humble beginnings. And we can take pride in what has been achieved so far. But our ambitions are much higher.

So help us go onwards and upwards comrades! Visit Wellred Books Britain; browse our publications and titles; and discover the power of Marxist ideas!

To celebrate the launch of Wellred Books Britain, we are currently offering a special ‘Red Friday’ sale of up to 40% off all books – available from today until Christmas. Head over to our online bookshop now to snap up some incredible deals on classic Marxist texts!

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