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Here we publish an article sent to us by a sixth form student and Labour Party member. It details the hypocrisy of the New Labour agenda, obvious to all ordinary working people, yet ignored by the mainstream media. Expressed is an instinctive distaste for the shallowness of bourgeois democracy, and a desire to fight for socialist policies far removed from the Blairite government a generation of young people have grown up under.
With the recent media frenzy over Tony Blair's resignation from office, onlookers may have noticed the actual absence of mention of any actual effect Tony Blair has had on people's lives. It is without a doubt that the issue of Iraq was given some amount of prominence, but it is integral to assess in what context this was used. Carefully looking at the coverage, there was not one solitary mention of the consequences the decision to wage war had on Iraqi people or the division and destruction it has caused. Instead, commentators were whipped into a gleeful frenzy of hyperbole the Iraq war would have on poor Mr Blair's 'legacy'. After all, why should the mainstream media be concerned that we can't afford to give students a free education or to give pensioners a decent living standard due to the fact we've had to pay billions of pounds bombing Iraqi students and pensioners?

Interestingly, the same lack of substance was used when assessing Mr Blair's successor Gordon Brown. People in Britain were constantly exposed to assessments of his personality including the type of person he is and the relationship he has had with political colleagues. Fair enough, why would voters need to know about his continuation of policies, which include strong support for a renewal of a nuclear arsenal, privatisation and the civil liberties busting compulsory ID cards scheme.

With some indication that there was some lingering remainder of the decent principles within the UK Labour party, the little known John McDonnell announced his candidature. When lucky enough to be mentioned in the mainstream press McDonnell was described as having 'no chance' and lacking support due to him not being 'moderate' enough. His committal to trade union rights, solidarity with the oppressed and peace wasn't even hinted at. The mainstream media had decided Brown, they wanted Brown and therefore they must have their chosen one. The Labour party elite, who have spoken so fulsomely about the virtues of democracy in Iraq, quickly followed suit and showed cowardly contempt to ordinary Labour members by denying them a vote by refusing to nominate McDonnell.

As a young person, it is vastly worrying to see the media pushing personality over policies. Screaming to the electorate to ignore impoverished pensioners and debt burdened students when they should be concerned about whether Gordon Brown likes the popular rock act the arctic monkeys. This barrier can be overcome, but not without pressing the message that the pursuit of a world dominated by unbridled capitalism and imperialistic war cannot simply cannot sustain itself and will remove the human races right to take their destiny into their own hands.