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The wait is finally over. The new fortnightly Socialist Appeal is out this week, marking the 25th anniversary of Socialist Appeal, as well as the centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolution. Support the struggle for socialism and subscribe to the new fortnightly today!

The wait is finally over. This week sees the launch of the new fortnightly Socialist Appeal, announced at our national conference of activists and supporters on 18th March. It is fitting that this should happen at the same time as we mark the 25th anniversary of Socialist Appeal, which was first published in the spring of 1992, as well as the centenary of the momentous events of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

The move to fortnightly production is long overdue and should be seen as a step towards a weekly and ultimately a daily Marxist newspaper.

Events have demanded that we take this important step...and that we go further. There is not a country on earth that is free from crisis. The establishment have been knocked back by a flood of upsets and shocks. These political earthquakes have shaken the ruling class to the core, dealing a shattering blow to the status quo. More will follow.

The capitalists look to the future not with hope, but with despair. The world economic crisis that began in 2008 has not abated, but rather is set for new twists and turns. Naturally the capitalist class expect us to keep paying for this, hence the continued attacks on living standards for the working class worldwide, growing inequality between rich and poor, endless austerity with public services being cut and destroyed, and - most importantly of all - a growing sense on the part of the masses that a fightback is needed.

However, just as the ruling class can see no way out of the morass they are in, so too are the leaderships of the labour and trade union movements worldwide bereft of ideas. They yearn for the return of a mythical "benevolent capitalism", which never existed in the first place. There is a vacuum of ideas or alternatives amongst the leaderships of the working class' organisations that must be filled. This is the task of Marxism - the task of Socialist Appeal. The bosses' system cannot be reformed; it must be removed and replaced with a socialist society.

In 1992, Socialist Appeal was launched as a small (mainly black-and-white) magazine, intended to come out nine or ten times a year. Nobody knew our name and an army of pessimists did not think we would last the year. But we did.

Over the next decade we would move to in-house printing, a more regular production cycle, and the establishment of our website. Internationally, the website was established, together with Wellred Books, starting with a single title in 1995 and growing from there to become one of the foremost publishers of Marxist literature. As the new millenium got underway, the banner of the International Marxist Tendency started to take shape around the world, and Socialist Appeal is proud to be a part of this. Marxism is international or it is nothing.

In September 2009, we took the step of moving to a full-colour tabloid format with an increased print run. We quickly moved to monthly cycle of 12 issues per year, and more recently we have seen the launch of our youth paper, Revolution. Meanwhile the IMT's commitment to Marxist theory was underlined by the launch of the In Defence Of Marxism magazine. All this and more has shown what can be achieved with the power of ideas - the power of Marxism.

We now need to build on what has been achieved. The move to a fortnightly publication could not have been achieved without your support, and we thank all our readers and sellers, past and present. However, we must press on. We have a £30,000 Fighting Fund target which can and must be reached. We need to raise our sales so that our ideas and programme can reach as many workers and youth as possible. We are proud to rely on the support of ordinary workers - long may it continue!

So we need your help. Donate to our cause. Subscribe to the fortnightly paper. And join us in the struggle for socialism.

Welcome to the fortnightly Socialist Appeal!

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