Socialist Appeal is a Marxist organisation which stands for the socialist transformation of society. Get in touch today and join us in the fight for revolution.

Socialist Appeal and the International Marxist Tendency fight for a socialist programme for workers and youth. Read the Manifesto of the International Marxist Tendency for a more in-depth explanation of what we are fighting for.

Socialist Appeal is a Marxist organisation which stands for the socialist transformation of society. We are fighting to transform the Labour Party and trade unions into real weapons against capitalism. As internationalists, we are part of the International Marxist Tendency, which operates in over 30 countries.

In Britain we are fighting to drive out this reactionary Tory government and bring to power a Corbyn-led Labour government on a socialist programme. The aim of this programme must be to put an end to the dictatorship of the banks and giant corporations, which dominate our lives.

  • We demand that all workers must be guaranteed a decent job and a real living wage, able to support them and their families. The working week should be cut to 30 hours or less, with no loss of pay. We must put an end to the scourges of unemployment, homelessness and poverty, which are a product of this dog-eat-dog, profit-driven society. We stand for the real emancipation of working class women. We demand an end to all forms of discrimination; equal pay for work of equal value. Domestic labour must be socialised, including the provision of free nurseries and after-school childcare. Defend a woman's right to choose.
  • We demand a fully-funded free state education system. The privatisers and profiteers must be kicked out of education. No to student loans – we must guarantee full grants for all students.
  • We demand a fully-funded National Health Service, free to all. All privatisations must be reversed. The pharmaceutical companies and private health companies that leech off the NHS must be nationalised under democratic workers’ control.
  • We demand the scrapping of Trident and other weapons of mass destruction. Defence contracts should be converted to socially useful work with no job losses.
  • We demand that the retirement age for all workers – men and women – be reduced to 55 years, with proper pensions to ensure a decent standard of living for the retired.
  • We demand that the banks, finance houses and insurance companies are nationalised without compensation, allowing for rents and mortgages to be drastically reduced. The building industry must be nationalised in order to build the houses and amenities so desperately needed. All public utilities must be re-nationalised, ending profiteering in our essential services. The national debt must be abolished and full funding provided for public services.
  • We demand that the relics of feudalism, such as the House of Lords and the monarchy, be abolished. The huge assets of the parasitic landlord class and aristocracy should be expropriated for the public good.

To be able to achieve all this we must take over the commanding heights of the economy – the 150 or so major monopolies – without compensation, run under democratic workers’ control and management. This will put an end to the rule of the billionaire oligarchy.

Democratic committees of workers, students, pensioners, technicians and others should be set up to oversee the drawing up of a socialist plan of production to answer the needs of society and protect our environment.

We call for the establishment of a fraternal Socialist Federation of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. This will act as a beacon to workers everywhere and be a stepping stone to a Socialist United States of Europe and the establishment of a World Socialist Federation. This would put an end, once and for all, to the misery of hunger, disease, squalor, wars and ethnic conflict and create a world worth fighting for.

This means transforming the Labour Party into a real Socialist Party. We must put a stop to careerism inside the party through the introduction of mandatory reselection of Labour MPs, and by Labour representatives only taking the equivalent of a skilled worker’s wage.

This revolutionary change will not happen by itself - every worker, student, unemployed person, young and old, must get involved in this fight to change society. Don’t stand on the sidelines – your help is needed!

If you agree with these aims, join us!

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