Prince Andrew's interview has been criticised by the establishment for pulling back the curtain on the corrupt and abusive behaviour of the rich and powerful. Until we overthrow this degenerate ruling class, such abuse will continue.

Prince Andrew's interview has been criticised by the establishment for pulling back the curtain to reveal the corrupt and abusive behaviour of the rich and powerful. Until we overthrow this degenerate ruling class, such abuse will continue.

His Royal Hopelessness Prince Andrew must be the ruling class’ most unpopular member since David Cameron called (and lost) the Brexit referendum. Not because of his alleged sexual abuse - that’s par for the course in their circles. The ‘lack of judgement’ that bothers them is his stupidity in conducting a high profile interview - one that has served to shine the brightest of spotlights into the cesspit of the establishment.

Tied in knots

The Prince’s interview has been met with universal criticism. In the hour long programme, he attempts to convince the public that his long time association with convicted paedophile, serial abuser, and billionaire financier, Jeffrey Epstein, was entirely innocent on his part.

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Andrew has been derided for his tacit admission that he cares only for himself and not Epstein’s numerous victims. After all, the interview’s exclusive purpose was to argue his own lack of responsibility (something it spectacularly fails to do).

Not a word is said by the royal to express his regret and sorrow at such disgusting abuse being inflicted upon what are probably thousands of girls. In fact, the audience gains an insight into the morality of members of the ruling class such as Prince Andrew when, at the end of the interview, he describes Epstein’s acts as merely ‘unbecoming’!

As he defends himself, Andrew is forced to tie himself up in absurd contradictions that he somehow thinks the audience won’t notice. Above all, his defence is rendered implausible by the accusations of Virginia Giuffre. She says she was forced to have sex with him several times when she was 17 - claims that are accompanied by a now infamous picture of the Prince with her, at the time she was 17, with his arm around her.

Establishment embarrassment

It is not remotely surprising to find out that the monarchy abuses its power and tends to be - shall we say - less than well behaved.

What is very telling, however, is the reaction from the press. One of their most common reactions has been, as Piers Morgan said, “Why on earth did he do this [interview]?” Various PR experts have insisted they would never have advised such a foolish move as to grant the interview.

The unstated, but very revealing, fear they are expressing is: “I don’t care that he may have participated in sexual abuse - goodness knows, half of our circle has done this sort of thing! What I care about is that he has undermined the sacred institution of the monarchy with this embarrassing interview!”

Chuka Umunna (a fairly faithful representative of ruling class sentiments), was more explicit, calling Prince Andrew “a disgrace”. But Umunna’s criticism was not for the Prince’s alleged sexual abuse, but because “the monarchy exists with consent” and “he’s done more to undermine democratic consent, if you could call it that, than anyone else in my lifetime.”

“He has let down the institution,” the Lib Dem MP asserted.

Umunna, like the others, wants to preserve the status quo and the Royal Family. He wants a system in which the super powerful have the opportunity to exploit and abuse. He just doesn’t want them to talk about it, lest it undermine these very privileges!

Rotten ruling class

The effect of this scandal will be to increase support for the abolition of the feudal relic that is the monarchy. It will also further undermine the credibility of the establishment in general. It reminds the public that the rich and powerful are not ‘wealth creators’ and talented, superior people, but corrupt, abusive parasites.

As a socialite who knew Epstein said in the Channel 4 documentary The Prince and the Paedophile: “Jeffrey, you know, yes, he did all this stuff, but there's like so many guys like him. You know, just go to St Tropez or anywhere flashy in the summer. There's going to be the older guy with a harem of girls around him.”

Millions of people will be asking themselves: How many other Epstein’s are there, right now? How many of the billionaires in our society do this sort of thing, and get away with it?

Boris Johnson and Andrea Leadsom’s remarks in defence of Prince Andrew also remind us that the rich and powerful will always close ranks to protect their kind, and to hide the cesspit they have created from public view.

We can be thankful for Prince Andrew’s stupidity in conducting this interview, for it has pulled back the curtain, just a bit, so that we can all catch a glimpse of the sordid relations of the global ruling class.

Until we overthrow this rotten, degenerate ruling class, until we destroy all the undemocratic institutions like the monarchy, and end privilege once and for all, there will be countless more Epstein’s and their royal friends. Only when there are no billionaires, will there be no billionaire ‘playboys’ and paedophiles.

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