Our aim is to spread the ideas of Marxism, in an organised fashion, amongst workers and youth. We must study the history and traditions of the working class.

Our aim is to spread the ideas of Marxism, in an organised fashion, amongst workers and youth. We must study the history and traditions of the working class.

Socialist Appeal is the Marxist voice of Labour and youth, working with activists from across the International Marxist Tendency to fight for world revolution. Our aim is to spread the ideas of Marxism, in an organised fashion, in the labour and youth movement. Only the working class has the ability to change society, because of the central role they play in production and their shared interest in establishing socialism.

However, we must carefully study the history and traditions of the working class in order for Marxist ideas to connect with them. There are all too many groups who simply declare themselves the vanguard of the working class, and have a dismissive attitude to the class’ real traditions.

In this section readers will find a series of articles explaining our position on the class struggle in Britain; the key points in the history of the working class and the lessons to be learnt from them; and the strategy of the Marxists in relation to the movements of the masses.

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Marxist classics
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'Base building' or Bolshevism'Base building' or Bolshevism
Antonio Balmer

How can we reach the masses? This question has been at the center of revolutionary debate since the birth of the socialist movement.

Interview With Ted Grant on MilitantInterview With Ted Grant on Militant
Fred Weston

On the 40th anniversary of the publication of the first edition of the Militant (October 1964), Ted Grant comments on the perspectives the comrades had at that time.

Origins of British TrotskyismOrigins of British Trotskyism
Rob Sewell

Rob Sewell examines the origins of Trotskyism in Britain, and Trotsky's struggle to defend the clean banner of Lenin against the growing bureaucratic reaction within the USSR.

Where to Begin?Where to Begin?
V.I. Lenin

Lenin's famous call to arms makes the case for a disciplined revolutionary party, organised around an “All-Russian” political newspaper.


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Marxist classics
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Marxism vs SectarianismMarxism vs Sectarianism
Socialist Revolution USA

Opportunism and sectarianism are two sides of the same coin. Both must be combated if the program of revolutionary Marxism is to become a mass force.

Problems of EntryismProblems of Entryism
Ted Grant

Ted Grant explained repeatedly that when the masses move politically, they will move through their traditional organisations. What then is the role of Marxists?

How the Militant Was Built and How it Was DestroyedHow the Militant Was Built and How it Was Destroyed
Rob Sewell

From a miniscule group with no resources, Militant became the most successful Trotskyist tendency in Britain. How?

Marxism and the Labour PartyMarxism and the Labour Party
Rob Sewell

If Marxists are going to influence the workers’ movement, they must participate in the real movement, and go through the experience alongside the workers.

The Trade-Unions in the Epoch of Imperialist DecayThe Trade-Unions in the Epoch of Imperialist Decay
Leon Trotsky

In times of boom, the tops of the trade unions tend to get closer to the bosses, and the capitalists can use the union leaders to achieve some kind of truce.

The CWI split of 1991-1992: setting the record straightThe CWI split of 1991-1992: setting the record straight
Rob Sewell

The recent dispute in the CWI, as in 1991 in reality centres around prestige politics, a highly pernicious tendency that is invariably fatal in a revolutionary organisation.

Programme of the InternationalProgramme of the International
Ted Grant

A sharp criticism of the sectarianism of the leaders of the Fourth International after Trotsky’s death and the Marxist approach to the events of the day.

Will there be a Third World War?Will there be a Third World War?
Leon Trotsky

“In the face of the strictly centralised and disciplined power of the bourgeoisie there must be a no less centralised and disciplined power of the proletariat.”


Marxist classics & books

Marxist classics
& books

Bolshevism: The Road to RevolutionBolshevism: The Road to Revolution
Alan Woods

This book is a comprehensive history of the Bolshevik Party, from its early beginnings through to the seizure of power in October 1917. Available from Wellred in paper copy and as an ebook.

History of British TrotskyismHistory of British Trotskyism
Ted Grant

This book by Ted Grant is a unique contribution to the history of British Trotskyism. A postscript by Rob Sewell brings its history up to date. Available from Wellred in paper copy and as an ebook.

Ted Grant: The Permanent RevolutionaryTed Grant: The Permanent Revolutionary
Alan Woods

This book traces the rise and fall of Militant. It provides a fascinating insight into a subject that remains a closed book to most political analysts even now. Available from Wellred in paper copy and as an ebook.

In the Cause of Labour: a History of British Trade UnionismIn the Cause of Labour: a History of British Trade Unionism
Rob Sewell

A history of the British working class, aimed especially at class-conscious workers seeking an answer to the ills of the capitalist system. Buy as paper copy or as ebook.

Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile DisorderLeft-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder
V.I. Lenin

In “Left-Wing” Communism we have Lenin’s exposition of the necessity to combine theoretical firmness with tactical and organisational flexibility in order to win the masses. Available from Wellred as part of The Classics of Marxism: Volume Two (also as ebook).

One Step Forward, Two Steps BackOne Step Forward, Two Steps Back
V.I. Lenin

Lenin in 1904 made a careful study of the minutes and resolutions of the Second Party Congress, of the speeches of each of the delegates and the political groupings at the Congress, and of the Central Committee and Party Council documents. The book evoked fury among the Mensheviks.

What is to Be Done?What is to Be Done?
V.I. Lenin

Lenin uses this book to explain the necessity of creating a centralised group of professional and dedicated revolutionary cadres before the “times of explosion and outbursts.” Available from Wellred in paper copy and as an ebook.


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Marxist classics
& books

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Alan Woods

Alan Woods speaking on the subject of the history of the Bolshevik Party, at a Marxist School of Socialist Appeal in London.

Fred Weston

Fred Weston talks about Karl Marx and the attempt of building the first international Workers' Party. This talk about the early days of the ideas of scientific Socialism highlights invaluable lessons for revolutionaries today.

Daniel Morley

Daniel Morley discusses the question of revolutionary insurrection, examining how Marxists approach the question of the seizure of power and looking at the example of the October Revolution.


Socialist Appeal are proud to publish this education guide to help focus your studies of Marxist theory and practice. Visit the various tabs below to find links to introductory articles, classic texts, videos and audio talks for different topics. Read More
We present here Marxism 101: a series of responses and short video talks answering the most common myths and questions about Marxism, socialism, and revolution. Read More
Check out this selection of writings for an excellent introduction to many of the fundamentals of Marxist theory, providing a strong basis for those wishing to equip themselves with the ideas necessary in order to fight for socialism. Read More
Dialectical materialism is the philosophy or methodology of Marxism. We must seek to understand the laws of society and nature in order to change them. Read More
Historical materialism is the general theory of how and why society develops in the way it does. Each social system has its inherent laws of motion. If we want to overthrow capitalist society, we must understand how capitalism works. Read More
Marxist economics is the study of the laws of motion of capitalist society, allowing us to understand why capitalism perpetually goes into crisis, where inequality comes from, and what the alternative is. Read More
The Russian Revolution is the greatest event in world history for Marxists. Studying the events of 1917, and understanding why the Revolution degenerated into Stalinism, provides vital lessons for revolutionaries today. Read More
For Marxists, the state is not at all neutral. We must understand the state’s real basis and strip away its mysticism by treating it historically - taking in its origins, rise, and eventual fall. Read More
Anarchism is naturally attractive for those wanting to abolish capitalism. But only Marxist ideas can explain why bureaucracy and oppression exist - and how to overthrow the exploitative capitalist system. Read More
Marxists are irreconcilably opposed to the oppression of women and fight determinedly for liberation and against discrimination. We believe this will be achieved through the class struggle - to abolish the oppressive capitalist system. Read More
The madness of fascism expresses the historic crisis and dead-end of capitalism. But it could have been avoided if the working class had a united revolutionary leadership, prepared to take power. Read More
Nations have not always existed, nor will they always exist in the future. Marxists are internationalists, fighting for world socialist revolution as the only way forward for humanity and our planet. Read More
Wars represent the sharp extreme of capitalism’s impasse. Imperialism, Lenin said, was the "highest stage of capitalism". As long as the profit system exists, there will be wars over markets and spheres of influence. Read More
All written history, Marx stated, is the history of class struggle. Our task is to learn the lessons from history in order to prepare for the revolutionary events taking place today and in the future. Read More
Our aim is to spread the ideas of Marxism, in an organised fashion, amongst workers and youth. In order to do this, we must study the history and traditions of the working class. Read More
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