We are experiencing a historical political crisis in Britain. Only Marxist ideas can offer a way forward. Support the struggle for socialism - donate to our festival fighting fund this winter!

We are experiencing a historical political crisis in Britain. Only Marxist ideas can offer a way forward. Support the struggle for socialism - donate to our festival fighting fund this winter!


2018 has turned out to be yet another momentous year in politics and in the class struggle. All over the world, the ruling class is losing control of the political situation.

This is particularly the case in Europe. The deep economic crisis in Italy has produced a head-on collision between the government and the EU. In Germany, the centre of the European project, the traditional parties have suffered blow after blow, pushing the country towards its own political crisis. And in France the opposition to Macron’s austerity ‘reforms’ have built up to a deafening crescendo with the irruption of the “yellow vests” onto the streets. These have already forced the “Jupiterian” President to offer concessions, however empty.

When it comes to sheer chaos, however, nothing compares to the crisis gripping the entire British establishment. With May’s Brexit deal too unpopular to even put to a parliamentary vote, and the country only months away from leaving the EU, big business is panicking. Capitalism’s political representatives have lost the plot.

We end 2018 with Theresa May clinging to power by her fingernails, having just survived a no confidence motion that was supported by 117 of her MPs. Her pathetic government is held in place only by the deadlock in parliament, caused by the insoluble Brexit dilemma that faces British capitalism.

In truth, this zombie government could finally kick the bucket at any time. This raises the prospect of a fresh election and a likely Corbyn victory. This must be fought for by the whole labour movement. It is the only alternative to the chaos and confusion wrought by Brexit and to the immense suffering and poverty caused by the Tories’ austerity programme.

But this would be just the beginning of the fight. A Corbyn government would face sabotage and opposition on all fronts. Only a bold socialist programme, backed by the action of the masses, can lead the way out of this mess and towards a better future for all.

Fighting for our future

DonateLargeFor this reason there has never been a greater need for Marxist ideas in the British labour movement.

Socialist Appeal and the International Marxist Tendency are fighting for a socialist programme in the labour and student movements. Our goal is to provide a Marxist voice for the movements of workers and youth today, which we do through our paper, magazines, pamphlets, websites, books, and campaigns.

It has been an important year for Socialist Appeal also. Our fortnightly paper has gone from strength to strength. Our next goal is to move towards a weekly publication as soon as possible.

We have helped establish the Labour4Clause4 campaign, which has found an echo across the labour movement. This has been aided by our pamphlet on Nationalisation: Why we need it, which has been a bestseller.

We have had a strong presence on all the major demos and picket lines during the year, and our activists in the student movement have seen a string of victories on a range of campuses in NUS delegate elections. On top of this, we have put on a number of successful events providing education on Marxist theory, including our Marx in a day event celebrating Karl Marx’s 200th birthday; and, of course, our best-ever Revolution Festival in October.

Of course, all of this activity was only possible thanks to the financial support of our readers and activists. We are extremely thankful for all this support over the last 12 months.

But we want to end the year with a bang on the financial front. Given the speed of political events, we need to up our pace in 2019. This means taking on extra staff, expanding our resources, and gaining funding for campaigns and new educational material.

All this requires money - and urgently. We have no rich backers from the banks or big business. Instead, we rely on the generosity and sacrifice of our readers.

So this festive period, we ask that all our readers consider donating to our Fighting Fund collection to help us in our cause - the fight for socialism!

As always, every little helps, and all donations – large and small – are greatly appreciated. Trade union branches, campaigning groups, Marxist societies, and even individuals can also donate in return for greetings in the paper.

Please donate generously today!


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