The arrest and trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, former girlfriend of billionaire sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein, threatens to shine a light on the sordid alleged antics of Prince Andrew. The whole establishment is rotten to the core.

The arrest and trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, former girlfriend of billionaire sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein, threatens to shine a light on the sordid alleged antics of Prince Andrew. The whole establishment is rotten to the core.

 On the morning of Thursday 2 July, Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested in connection with the horrendous sexual crimes of the billionaire financier and is alleged by US prosecutors to have acted as a procurer of underaged girls for Epstein and his friends.

According to Brad Edwards, one of the lawyers representing some of Epstein’s victims, it has not been for lack of evidence that the US authorities have taken almost a year to make the arrest. Rather, prosecutors have taken time to build up a credible and damning case against her.

The evidence provided by the prosecution could tear asunder any veil of secrecy surrounding the historic underage sex abuses by members of the ruling class.

Maxwell is alleged to have not only helped in arranging the procurement of underage girls for Epstein, but also for many of his wealthy friends. It is said that Maxwell – daughter of the notorious media mogul Robert Maxwell – has a ‘black book’ of contacts, including many amongst the rich and powerful, going right to the top of society and politics.

The Prince and the paedophile

Most notably, however, is Prince Andrew – long-time friend of Epstein through the recently arrested Maxwell. Following Epstein’s suicide (under rather dubious circumstances), increased pressure fell on the Prince to make some sort of statement to the US authorities regarding his involvements with Epstein and the alleged crimes.

As a result, the Prince quickly became the least favoured member of the ruling class. His disastrous Newsnight interview in November last year, in particular, drew attention to the establishment’s darkest and most repellent indulgences.

In the interview, Andrew stumbled from one PR calamity to the next – revolving around a Pizza Express in Woking and a claimed failure to sweat – in his failed attempts to distance himself from historical accusations concerning his own alleged personal relationship with one of Epstein’s young victims, Virginia Roberts, in the early 2000’s.

The most notable aspect of the interview was the Prince’s flagrant denials and lack of any sense of remorse. This provided the public with a vivid glimpse of the cold, amoral nature of the ruling elite.

Web of sin

Since then, the American authorities – as well as the victims’ lawyers – have for months been increasing their attempts to seek Andrew for comment on his involvement with Epstein. Whilst saying that he was “bewildered” by accusations that he was not cooperating with the US investigation, to date, there has been no official statement made by Andrew or his team towards the actual investigation.

Ultimately, Andrew, 8th in line to the throne, to quote our current Prime Minister, must have been thinking that he was “beyond reproach”. So when the person that connected him most to Epstein was arrested last week, it must have been a very tense moment in whichever taxpayer-funded quarters the Prince was dwelling in.

There is now even more added pressure for Andrew to make an official statement towards the investigation – a pressure that will only intensify as Maxwell comes to trial. Furthermore, there is now speculation around the implications of what such a trial would have for Prince Andrew himself.

Maxwell is expected to be brought to trial in New York on four charges: two of sexual abuse, and two of perjury. Many are speculating as to whether Maxwell will implicate Prince Andrew as part of a plea deal. Yet one of Maxwell’s closest friends has stated that Maxwell would “never sell out” Prince Andrew.

The trial and further investigation, however, might be used to go beyond Maxwell to others that are implicated in Epstein’s crimes. This could shatter the usual denials and evasions by Andrew, piling on huge pressure to bring the Prince himself to justice.

Abolish the Monarchy!

queens speechIn 1992, the Queen referred to the year as her annus horribilis (Latin for ‘horrible year’). What on earth must she have thought of 2019? The Megxit debacle; the aforementioned Prince Andrew / Epstein scandal; and constitutional crises surrounding the proroguing of Parliament: all have had damning effects on the reputation of the British Monarchy.

2020 could prove even worse for the Queen and her institution. If her second son gets further caught up in an investigation and trial for the most heinous crimes towards underage girls, this would surely be the most colossal scandal faced by the monarchy in living memory. There would be deafening calls to bring down this undemocratic rotting feudal relic.

Until the monarchy and the rest of the self-indulgent, abusive, and corrupt establishment are dismantled, the privileged elite – like Jeffrey Epstein – will continue to get away with their horrendous crimes. We must abolish this rotten system once and for all and put an end to the systemic abuses of capitalism.

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