The last few weeks have seen huge uprisings taking place across the world. This reflects the deepening global crisis of capitalism. We publish here articles on the titanic events unfolding in Ecuador, Chile, Haiti, Catalonia and Lebanon.

The last few weeks have seen massive uprisings taking place across the world. This reflects the deepening crisis of capitalism internationally. We publish here articles on the dramatic events unfolding in Ecuador, Chile, Haiti, Catalonia and Lebanon.

Over the last few weeks we have seen a number of revolutionary uprisings across the world, as the working class across the world is beginning to gain momentum and fight back against the constant attacks imposed due to the crisis of capitalism. These events all have different immediate causes due to their particular circumstances. But on the whole, they reflect the growing radicalisation of the working class on an international scale.

Here we link to articles on the developments taking place in Ecuador, Chile, Haiti, Catalonia and Lebanon. Follow In Defence of Marxism for the latest news and analysis of international events.

Mass uprisings in Ecuador over IMF-backed austerity package - Government forced to back down

Ecuador 2A mass movement of workers and peasants in Ecuador formed in response to the imposition of an IMF inspired austerity package which included the removal of fuel subsidies. The character of the movement transformed into an insurrectionary one, that forced the government to flee the capital of Quito and close down the national assembly. Whilst attempting to disrupt the protests through force, the begginings of splits within the state apparatus became visible, with cases of military personnel protecting protestors against police onslaughts. The movement has forced concessions from the government with the repealing of Decree 883 (the austerity package); however, despite this victory, the Moreno government remains in power and continues to pose a threat to the working class of Ecuador.

Ecuador: Worker-peasant uprising - the government flees the capital

Ecuador: Down with Moreno and the IMF - all power to the people's assembly

Ecuador: Workers struggle in ecuador has taken down the decree 883 - what next?

Youth-led protests over fare rises spark mass movement against government

Chile uprisingA recent increase in public transport fares made Chile's transport the most expensive in Latin America, putting addition pressures on the Chilean working class that is already squeezed by austerity. Protests began with mass fare evasion led by the youth, which grew into a mass insurrectionary movement. In response the Chilean government declared a state of emergency, for the first time since the dictatorship, with the military brought in to put down the protests. This has not succeeded and the movement, inspired by the events in Ecuador where the military was beginning to split along class lines, continues to grow.

Fare hike unleashes uprising in Chile - down with the state of emergency, Piñera out

Insurrectionary movement in Haiti against corrupt government

Haiti insurrectionThe latest developments in Haiti are a continuation of the mass movement of strikes and demonstrations in response to the governments proposed end to fuel subsidies last summer. In February this movement exploded again due to food and fuel shortages. The current movement erupted again in June after an audit proved that president Moïse had been part of an embezzlement scheme, stealing millions of dollars of funds intended for social and infrastructural projects in the wake of the 2010 earthquake. Haiti has now been in a pre-revolutionary situation for years, but the movement has continually been held back by its leadership.

Haiti on the brink of insurrection

Catalan republican movement explodes in response to sentencing of political prisoners

CatalanIndependenceAfter the recent Supreme Court decision, where nine leaders of the Catalan independence movement were sentenced to between 9 and 13 years inprisonment, the national question in Catalonia has exploded once more, with mass protests throughout Catalonia and demonstrations in support across Spain. The protests have been met with fierce resistance from the Spanish state, with riot police charging the protestors with truncheons, rubber bullets and stun devices. This, however, has not phased the protestors and the movement has continued to grow with a general strike taking place last friday. The national question in Catalonia can only be solved through the socialist transformation of society, what is missing is revolutionary leadership.

Long live the general strike in Catalonia! Freedom for the political prisoners!

Catalan republican movement advances: revolutionary leadership needed!

Catalonia: the whip of reaction reactivates republican protests

Revolutionary situation develops in Lebanon - overthrow this corrupt government!

Lebanon revolution2A revolutionary movement has erupted in Lebanon in the past few days, with over 2 million, a third of the population, taking to the streets. This is in response to the cuts being carried out by the Hariri government after it agreed to 'structural reforms' in order to receive loans from the IMF and World Bank, meaning the burdens of the economic crisis in Lebanon are being placed squarely on the working class. This movement is, notably, cutting across the religious divisions that have been historically used to prevent the working class from organising, with the people calling for revolution and the overthrow of the government. The government is already backtracking on proposed cuts, but as long as this broken system remains the working class of Lebanon will continue to suffer.

Revolution erupts in Lebanon: down with the corrupt regime!

Streets of fire: revolution in Lebanon