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uluqmula.jpgDay by day the capitalist system is showing itself for what it is. The impact of the credit crunch and the news of the collapse of major investment banks in the US is radicalising young people. This was evident to see at Queen Mary’s Freshers Fair last week, where the Marxist Society intervened, attracting a fresh layer of young people looking for an alternative.

Following on from the successful meetings of the ULU Marxist society at the beginning of this year, this term members were eager to take the ideas of Marxism to universities beyond the centre of London. Last week this began at Queen Mary’s University in East London. Over the course of the Fresher’s Fair members of the Marxist Society manned a stall on campus, attracting 54 students to sign up to be members. 16 copies of the Socialist Appeal were sold, plus many books, DVD’s and pamphlets. For the first time this term the Marxist Society was giving away free CD recordings of some of the meetings we have had, as part of membership. Topics included ‘What is Capitalism? What is Socialism?’, ‘Marxism and the Black Struggle’, 'Terrorism and Communism’ and ‘Marxism and Art’.

uluqmul2.jpgOver the 2 days it was clear to see that the impact of the credit crunch and the news of the collapse of major investment banks in the US has had an effect on young people. Capitalism stands discredited in the eyes of many, especially among the youth who are looking for an answer and an alternative. As always people were keen to hear more about what is going on in Venezuela, which offers a positive alternative to the disasters in the Middle East and the chaos in the city of London. We leafleted for the upcoming launch of Alan Woods’ new book ‘Reformism and Revolution’, which is addressed to the workers of Venezuela, and for our own meeting this Thursday – ‘1929 World Crash – Can it happen again?’  Where Socialist Appeal editor Mick Brooks will speak on the current financial crisis at the first Marxist Society meeting of the new term.

On Monday night the Marxist Society at Queen Mary’s had its first informal get together to discuss how we can go about building and developing the society over the autumn. The aim now is to register as an official society as soon as we can, and hold an official meeting on campus. This should be easily achievable and lay the basis for spreading the ideas of genuine Marxism within the student movement.

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