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For a number of years now, Socialist Appeal supporters have helped to set up and build Marxist societies in universities across the country, in order to provide a forum for discussing Marxist ideas and organising  interventions in the movement and the fight back. After a successful year of building the forces of Marxism in the student movement, Socialist Appeal supporters are now taking the initiative to launch a national federation of Marxist societies.

The past 5 years have demonstrated to the youth of Britain that capitalism offers them no future. Youth unemployment has been at 22% (1 million) for years now. As with the rest of the crisis, it shows only signs of getting worse, not better.

The traditional route out for young people on an individual basis - higher education - is little better. With fees reaching unprecedented levels, student debt getting out of control, vanishing contact time and the promise of more unemployment to greet us at the end, it is no wonder less are applying to study.

Capitalism’s attack on the youth has changed consciousness. The ideologies of capitalism and the free market are in crisis and widely seen as discredited by young people. It is for these reasons that the Marxist societies that Socialist Appeal has helped set up throughout the country’s universities have grown so significantly.

However, these societies, which have been running in some cases for several years now, need to be put on a nationally organised footing. We have therefore decided to call for an initial meeting in late June in London to prepare for a founding conference at a later date. This will take place during the Marxist Summer School we are also organising. All members of Marxist societies around the country are invited to attend and participate in the founding meeting and the Summer School, as are any other interested students. Full details are listed below.

Of course, we cannot determine the decisions of this meeting in advance. But we are proposing that the meeting agree to national federation of Marxist societies, with a clear membership structure, and rights for both individual members and for affiliated societies. We should also discuss and decide upon an initial steering committee, a date for the formal founding conference and ideas for campaigns the federation can lead.


We are forming the federation first and foremost to put the work of Marxist Societies on a more organised, visible and campaigning footing. The Marxist Societies already constitute, in our opinion, the best organised and most coherent left force in the student movement. This should be reflected on a national level.

To put the case for a Marxist student federation means to explain the role and methods of the Marxist societies already existing. In our opinion, although there is a commendable spirit of militancy in the student movement, what is lacking is clear, revolutionary ideas. Short-term activism is prevalent but has proven insufficient to shift the NUS to anything remotely leftwing. Apart from the welcome return of militant methods such as mass occupations, the rise in activism has not led to any other notable gain for the student movement.

As a result of these difficulties, the trend in student activism has been to move away from fighting for a clear socialist programme in the NUS, which is seen as a lost cause and/or old fashioned. In our opinion, the fight for a clear socialist programme in the student movement as a whole is absolutely indispensable, and cannot be achieved with the methods of activism alone. We need to build a strong national organisation of Marxist students to patiently, persistently and in a friendly, non-sectarian manner win the battle of ideas in the NUS.

That means its primary task is education in the ideas of Marxism. The federation should coordinate weekly meetings throughout the country in Marxist theory, open to all. We should think about starting a Marxist student magazine, open to contributions from students. The magazine should be full of interesting theoretical articles, with students encouraged to write on topics of interest to them, possibly giving a Marxist analysis of the topics they study.

Of course, on the basis of educating a wider and wider layer of students, the federation should launch campaigns and coordinate interventions in the NUS with the aim of raising Marxist ideas amongst students in a concrete fashion, and ultimately to win the NUS to a Marxist programme. Such campaigns must always attempt to forge closer links with the labour movement and working class on and off campus. Workers should be invited and encouraged to attend Marxist Student Federation meetings.

Marxist Student Federation Founding Meeting

Saturday 29th June 2013


UCL, Gower Street, London



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