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thumb_dscn0949Marxist International Review - Special Edition on China, now available!

The Marxist International Review's special edition on China contains:

  • China's Long March to Capitalism - 2006 Document
  • The Chinese Revolution 1949 - Ted Grant
  • The Chinese Revolution: The Theses of Comrade Stalin 1927 - Trotsky

The Chinese revolution has often been called the second greatest event of the 20th century after that of Russia in 1917. Yet events in China are often ignored despite that country's growing presence on the world stage. The first issue of volume two of the Marxist International Review seeks to address this problem with an edition devoted entirely to China.

The issue starts with the text of a major document discussed and agreed by Marxists meeting in Europe last year. It looks at the current state and direction of China and asks how far down the capitalist road has it gone? To supplement this document we have included 'The Chinese Revolution' written by Ted Grant in 1949 and 'The Theses of Comrade Stalin' written by Leon Trotsky and submitted for publication in 1927. A chronology is included at the end.

You can obtain MIR Vol 2 No 1 on China by subscribing at a cost of £25 for volume 2 or by sending a cheque for £4 made payable to SASC together with your details to us at PO Box 50525, London E14 6WG. Online subscriptions can be made here.