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Socialist Appeal is the Marxist voice of Labour and youth. We stand for the socialist transformation of society, fighting for a socialist Labour government. Get in touch today with any questions and to join us in the fight for socialism.

Socialist Appeal is the Marxist tendency in Britain. We are fighting in the Labour and trade union movement for a socialist programme that will put an end to capitalism. We also organise students and youth around Marxist ideas in the struggle to change society. Get in touch today and join us in the fight for socialism.

We are faced with a deep capitalist crisis and a Tory government pushing a vicious programme of austerity. The labour movement must mobilise to get rid of Boris Johnson and his big business government. We need a real socialist Labour government - one that will not attempt to patch up capitalism, but overthrow it.

We are internationalists. Capitalism is global; socialism must be global too. The fight by the working class is an international struggle. We therefore work with the International Marxist Tendency - the international organisation of Marxists - to prepare for world socialist revolution.

The fight to change society will not happen by itself. Every worker, student, unemployed person - young and old - must get involved in this battle. There has never been a more important task. Don’t stand on the sidelines!

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