Capitalism is in crisis. We need a revolution. Join the Marxist tendency today!

Capitalism is in crisis. We need a revolution. Join the Marxist tendency today!

Socialist Appeal is the British section of the International Marxist Tendency. We are fighting for a revolutionary socialist programme in the labour movement and among the youth, to put an end to this crisis-ridden capitalist system once and for all.

The Tories are the political representatives of big business. As defenders of capitalism, they are the sworn enemies of the working class.

Neither do we have trust in Keir Starmer and the right-wing Labour leadership, who are taking the party back to Blairism.

The capitalist system is in a complete impasse. It cannot be reformed. It must be overthrown.

As Marxists, we wage war on capitalism and its system of exploitation. In that sense, we regard ourselves as the most resolute section of the working class and the youth. 

Marxism is a guide to action. It is also a science of social revolution, arming us with an understanding of society and the class struggle. Only by absorbing such an outlook can we provide clarity and lay the foundation for the overthrow of capitalism. That is why we stress the need to educate our comrades in Marxist theory.

The building of the revolutionary tendency – in Britain and internationally – is the burning question; not in the remote future, but now.

We are determined to carry out this historic task. That is why we are appealing to you to join us.


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