Socialist Appeal is attempting to provide a much needed Marxist voice within the labour movement and amongst young people. There has never been a more urgent for this. Help us in this task - donate today!

Socialist Appeal is attempting to provide a much needed Marxist voice within the labour movement and amongst young people. There has never been a more urgent for this. Help us in this task - donate today!

Socialist Appeal supporters will be meeting this month in the midst of the deepest political crisis seen in Britain since the English Civil War. As Brexit looms large, pressure is building on all sides. Deep splits at the heart of the two main parties are beginning to come clearly into the open.

Already, eight Labour and three Tory MPs have formally broken ranks with their parties to form the ‘Independent Group’, in the hope of forcing another referendum on Brexit. And in the space of less than a week, the Blairites both in and outside of the Labour Party have forced a number of concessions from the leadership, much to the ire of thousands of left-wing party members.

This really is a time which defies prediction: even deeper splits, a second referendum, and a general election all remain very real possibilities in the coming weeks. But their likelihood, not to mention their outcomes, all waver precariously as the situation changes day by day.

Despite our unfortunate lack of a crystal ball, however, we can make two predictions with absolute certainty. Firstly, at a certain stage the deep crisis in British society will bring a left Labour government to power. And secondly, such a government will only be able to face down the inevitable onslaught that will confront it by mobilising millions of workers around a bold socialist programme to transform society.

Our fight

Rob Sewell Rev FestBut this perspectives imposes a duty on all Marxists in the Labour Party. Agitate! Educate! Organise! We must build the forces of Marxism inside the Labour Party, win the battle to clear out the Blairite saboteurs, and place the socialist transformation of society at the forefront of the Party’s programme.

Socialist Appeal seeks to provide a voice for all those wanting to take part in this fight. But we need your help.

The ruling class has various organised groups to support its aims in the Labour Party: from Progress to Labour First - and now Tom Watson proposed ‘social democratic’ faction. All of these can rely on copious funds from big business.

We on the other hand depend solely on the sacrifice of our readers and supporters to be able to build up the Marxist voice in the Labour movement.

In the last year we have taken a number of important steps forward. With your help we have moved into a new office, which allows us greater room for expansion. We have launched the Labour4Clause4 campaign, which is leading the fight to commit the Labour Party to socialist policies. At this year’s party conference, the question of restoring Clause IV will be on the agenda. And we have taken on another full time member of staff, who has already made a big impact on our work with young people and the organisation of the Marxist Student Federation.

From these promising successes we must take even bigger strides if we are to build a powerful Marxist tendency in the British labour movement. We must look to take on further full-timers as soon as possible, send more speakers across the country to make the case for socialism and help start up new sellers’ group, and start working towards the production of a weekly paper as soon as possible.

Help us

Precarious workers Oct 2018 4To this end we have been working towards our most ambitious conference collection target ever: £30,000. If we reach this target it will mark a proud milestone in the growth of the forces of Marxism in Britain. But we will not reach it without your help.

Please, donate whatever you can today to help us reach our target, take the fight to the Blairites, and build a movement that can carry out the socialist transformation of society, in Britain and internationally. Anything you are able to give would be greatly appreciated.

Please donate generously today!


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