Help us take on two more full-time members of staff and build a strong Marxist tendency in the Labour movement!

Help us take on two more full-time members of staff and build a strong Marxist tendency in the Labour movement!

Dear comrades and friends,

As the political crisis in Britain continues to develop, the need for bold socialist ideas has never been clearer.

The self-destruction of the Tory party offers an historic opportunity for the Labour Party, which is going through a radical transformation under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and the militant rank-and-file. 

What is needed to complete this transformation is a strong, Marxist tendency in the Labour Party, to lead the fight for a clear socialist programme and against the Blairite MPs. 

Thanks to the sacrifice and dedication of our comrades and supporters, we are making great strides. We have carried out our biggest ever intervention at this year’s Party conference, where we made the case for the restoration of the old Clause 4 of the Labour Party constitution. Despite being blocked, this socialist pledge received majority support from CLP delegates. This is a resounding blow against the Labour right wing.

We have established a name for ourselves amongst the radical rank-and-file of the Labour Party, and can escalate our activity accordingly. We must push forward!

We have therefore taken the step of hiring two new full-timer members of staff to work at our office in London. Without this, we would be holding ourselves back, and forced to play catch up with events.

We must raise the finance required to pay the salaries of our new full-timers and even look to take on more in the near future.

Given the political necessity of this step, we are issuing a special appeal to all our comrades and supporters in the movement. With your help, we can prepare for the historic battles ahead and build a powerful Marxist tendency in Britain.

If you agree with the ideas and analysis put forward in the pages of Socialist Appeal then please support us by making a regular financial contribution every month.

If you are not able to provide a regular donation, please consider helping us by donating generously towards our fighting fund. Every little helps, and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Trade union branches and campaigning groups can also donate in return for greetings in the paper.

As socialists we can rely only on the support of the working class. It is ultimately only with your help that we can build the resources we need for our fight - the fight for a future fit to live in.

Many thanks.


Socialist Appeal

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