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Swansea Marxists: 2019 - Capitalism in Crisis



"As we step into a new year, the world is facing a decisive turning point. The crisis of capitalism is reaching a new level – one that threatens to overthrow the entire existing world order that was painfully put together after the Second World War. 10 years after the financial collapse of 2008, the bourgeoisie is nowhere near solving the economic crisis." - Alan Woods

The Swansea Marxist society invites you to the first meeting of 2019 where our guest speaker, Josh Holroyd from the editorial board of Socialist Appeal, will be giving a talk on the current state of capitalism. We will look at the situation developing in France with the yellow vests movement, the continued American imperialism in Venezuela, the trade war between the US and China and much more. There will be plenty of time for questions and all are welcome, whether you're new to revolutionary ideas or a well read Marxist!