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Swansea Marxists: Marxism vs Anarchism


Venue: Seminar Room 4, Fulton House, Singleton Campus

Come to the Marxist Society this Tuesday where Dan Morley from Socialist Appeal's editorial board will be leading off to a discussion on Marxism and Anarchism!

What was Anarchisms role in history? Don't Communists and Anarchists have the same final goal? What is leadership and authority?

To find out answers to these and more questions, you need to look no further than this Marxist Society meeting!

Everyone welcome, from Anarchists to Communists and everything inbetween and beyond!

As usual, you'll be able to browse through and purchase Marxist literature at our stall after the event, including the latest issue of the Socialist Appeal and one of our recent In Defence of Marxism magazines which contains a Marxist response to Anarchists.

Traditionally, we'll also continue the evening with some bevs in JCs.

Especially if you haven't been to the Marxist Society before, this'll be a perfect opportunity to see for yourself the difference between Marxism and another ideology - in this week's case, Anarchism.

"Socialism needs democracy, like human body needs oxygen." - L.D. Trotsky

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Fulton House, Sketty, Swansea SA2, UK

United Kingdom
Sketty SA2

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