UCL Marxists: Climate change and the suicide of capitalism


Venue: Roberts Building G08 "Sir David Davies" LT

While the Tory Party used the phrasing "getting a deal in the interest of Britain" at the 2015 Paris talks on climate change, and the President of the United States later rejected the agreement on grounds of "unfairness" to the US, one wanders what it will take for the capitalist leaders of our world to put need before greed. Is it possible to achieve a transition towards a society more respectful of the environment, without abolishing that which uses competition for the fastest creation of capital as its basis?

After Marx analysed the inevitable end of the capitalist system because of its inherent contradictions that push it to its self-destruction, these are manifesting themselves in an evermore apparent way as greenhouse gas emissions threaten to push humanity towards a cliff edge and the deadline creeps closer and closer. This makes climate change one of the guiding factors that highlight communism in its relevance now more than ever before.

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