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Swansea Marxists: How can Labour end austerity?


Venue: Seminar Room 4, Fulton House, Singleton Campus

Swansea Uni Marxist Society and Swansea Labour Students invite you to the open discussion: How can Labour beat austerity?

It has been 10 years now since the global financial crisis shook the system to its foundations, and the general populace is failing to see any signs of recovery. Amidst general discontent of the population which was forced to pay for the crisis with falling wages and lower benefits, the mood is completely polarised, both to the left and to the right.

A growing number of labour and socialist activists are seeing the political and industrial struggles as struggles against austerity. With Melenchon in France, Sanders in the US, Tsipras in Greece, it's clear that no part of the world is left untouched by political earthquakes. Especially in the UK, the Labour Party saw a meteoric rise in popularity and membership after Jeremy Corbyn's unexpected victory in 2015 leadership elections, as well as the 2017 general election following the release of a bold left wing manifesto.

With the Tory party tearing itself apart over Brexit, and the Prime Minister going from "strong and stable" to "weak and wobbly", a Corbyn Labour government is seen as inevitable.

We've invited four activists from the Labour and student movement to speak at this meeting where we will discuss this burning question: How can Labour beat austerity?

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Fulton House, Sketty, Swansea SA2, UK

United Kingdom
Sketty SA2
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