Socialist Appeal is a Marxist organisation which stands for the socialist transformation of society. Get in touch today and join us in the fight for revolution.

Socialist Appeal is the Marxist voice of Labour and youth. We stand for the socialist transformation of society. Get in touch today and join us in the fight for socialism.

Socialist Appeal is the British section of the International Marxist Tendency. Marxism has a long history within the labour movement, providing a class analysis of events.

Reformists look to patch up capitalism. They want a nicer, kinder capitalism. But this is impossible. Capitalism is crumbling, experiencing the deepest of all crises. It cannot be reformed.

Marxists, in contrast, believe that the problems of the working class can only be resolved by the overthrow of capitalism. We therefore stand for the socialist transformation of society - in Britain and internationally.

As Marxists, we stand for the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky. These ideas provide us with an understanding of capitalism, and of the strategy needed to fight for world socialist revolution. That is why theory is vital - as the key to understanding the past, present and future.

As internationalists, we work with activists from the International Marxist Tendency, in order to fight for these ideas on a world scale.

We are facing revolutionary crises across the planet. The consciousness of the working class is being radically transformed.

The difference between reformism and Marxism can be seen as the difference between foresight over astonishment. We can see the massive class struggles ahead, in which the task of transforming society along socialist lines will be posed.

In Britain, the immediate task facing us is the building of a powerful Marxist tendency that can intervene in these struggles - in the mass movements of workers and youth. We must create a leadership that is prepared to go all the way, to the end.

This will not happen by itself. Every worker, student, unemployed person – young and old – must get involved in this fight to change society. Don’t stand on the sidelines – your help is needed!

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If you agree with what you read, contact us to find out more. Link up with other Marxist activists and Socialist Appeal supporters near you. And join us in the fight for socialism!


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