Socialist Appeal Stands for:


Socialist Appeal and the International Marxist Tendency fight for a socialist programme for workers and youth in the Labour and student movements. Read the Manifesto of the International Marxist Tendency, or purchase a copy of the Socialist Appeal pamphlet "What we stand for: making the case for socialism".

  •  what we stand for cover1smallFor a socialist programme to solve the problems of working people.  Labour must break with big business and Tory economic policies.
  • A national minimum wage of at least two-thirds of the average wage. £8.00 an hour as a step toward this goal, with no exemptions.
  • Full employment! No redundancies. The right to a job or decent benefits. For a 32 hour week without loss of pay. No compulsory overtime. For voluntary retirement at 55 with a decent full pension for all.
  • No more sell offs. Reverse the Tories privatisation scandal. Renationalise all the privatised industries and utilities under democratic workers control and management. No compensation for the fat cats, only those in genuine need.
  • The repeal of all Tory anti-union laws. Full employment rights for all from day one. For the right to strike, the right to union representation and collective bargaining.
    Election of all trade union officials with the right of recall. No  official to receive more than the wage of a skilled worker.
  • Action to protect our environment. Only public ownership of the land, and major industries, petro-chemical enterprises, food companies, energy and transport, can form the basis of a genuine socialist approach to the environment.
  • A fully funded and fully comprehensive education system under local democratic control. Keep big business out of our schools and colleges. Free access for all to further and higher education. Scrap tuition fees. No to student loans. For a living grant for all over 16 in education or training.
  • The outlawing of all forms of discrimination. Equal pay for equal work. Invest in quality childcare facilities available to all.  Scrap all racist immigration and asylum controls. Abolish the Criminal Justice Act. 
  • The reversal of the Tories’ cuts in the health service. Abolish private health care. For a National Health Service, free to all at the point of need, based on the nationalisation of the big drug companies that squeeze their profits out of the health of working people.
  • Trade unions must reclaim the Labour Party! Fight for Party democracy and socialist policies. For workers’ MPs on workers’ wages.
  • The abolition of the monarchy and the House of Lords. Full economic powers for the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly, enabling them to  introduce socialist measures in the interests of working people.
  • No to sectarianism. For a Socialist United Ireland linked by a voluntary federation to a Socialist Britain.
  • Break with the anarchy of the capitalist free market. Labour to immediately take over the “commanding heights of the economy.”  Nationalise the big monopolies, banks and financial institutions that dominate our lives. Compensation to be paid only on the basis of need.  All nationalised enterprises to be run under workers control and management and integrated through a democratic socialist plan of production.
  • Socialist internationalism. No to the bosses European Union. Yes to a socialist united states of Europe, as part of a world socialist  federation.