EDL off our streets! No to racism! Fight for socialism!

The English Defence League (EDL) are planning to march in Tower Hamlets in east London on Saturday 7th September. We publish here a leaflet by Socialist Appeal supporters, which argues that confronting the EDL on the streets is not enough - the leaders of the labour movement also need to provide a fighting socialist programme to put an end to the capitalist system that is truly responsible for the ills in society of no jobs, no housing, and poor public services.

Syria: No to imperialist aggression!

The war drums in Washington are beating their macabre tune out loud, announcing an imminent US attack on Syria. In the UK, the faithful squire, Cameron, is willingly echoing the call. Parliament is expected to back the military option in an emergency meeting convened for Thursday 29th August. Direct imperialist intervention marks a fundamental change in the situation in Syria since the spiralling sectarian civil war, which has wiped away the revolutionary potential of the anti-regime protests, sparked in January 2011 by the events of the Arab spring.

The Crisis of Capitalism and the tasks of the Marxists – Part Two

The present world crisis of capitalism means we have entered a new period in which the workers will face a situation of permanent austerity, with cuts in welfare and attacks on working conditions. This is already having a radicalising affect on millions of workers and youth, particularly in Latin America and other underdeveloped parts of the world and it is spreading to the advanced countries also. Alan Woods continues his review (given at a meeting in Europe last month) of the unfolding crisis of world capitalism, (Click here to read part one)

The Crisis of Capitalism and the tasks of the Marxists – Part Three

iran.jpgIn the final part of his article, taken from a speech made last summer to a meeting of Marxists from around the world, Alan Woods highlights the significance of the Iranian revolution and the impact it will have on the whole of the Middle East and beyond. He explains how all the conditions emerged for a successful revolution, bar one, that of the revolutionary leadership, which must be built.

The Crisis of Capitalism and the tasks of the Marxists – Part One

bailout.jpgThis summer, Alan Woods delivered a speech on the nature of the present crisis of capitalism, in which he deals with the relationship between the economic cycle and the class struggle, and also looks into what kind of recovery we can expect, considering the enormous contradictions that have accumulated within the system.

Marx Capital in a Day

Marx Capital in a Day