After the election: Tories in chaos, Blairism buried

The election on 8th June marks a fundamental turning point in British politics. It has transformed the country already, demonstrating the enormous anger that has built up against the Establishment and austerity. What is the way forward now for the Corbyn movement and the fight for socialism?

The theory of the Permanent Revolution

In April 1917, Lenin returned to Russia and politically re-armed the Bolshevik Party with the slogan "all power to the soviets". In doing so, as Alan Woods discusses in this video, Lenin was affirming Leon Trotsky's theory of the permanent revolution.

Trump's chaos at home and hypocrisy abroad

Alan Woods, editor of In Defence of Marxism, discusses Donald Trump's visit to the Middle East, which is taking place at a convenient time for the new president, who requires a distraction from the crisis facing his administration back home.

The general election: How to kick out the Tories

In this recent video from a meeting of the London Marxist societies, Josh Holroyd of the Socialist Appeal editorial board discusses the upcoming election in Britain and explains the steps needed for Corbyn's Labour to defeat the Tories.

Will there be a Third World War?

In this video from a London-wide meeting of Marxist societies, Ben Gliniecki of the Socialist Appeal editorial board discusses the current sabre-rattling between the Trump administration and the North Korean regime.