Socialist Appeal provides a first-class Marxist analysis of events in Britain and internationally. The unfolding crisis of world capitalism - the deepest since the 1930s and the Great Depression - is a confirmation of the ideas of Marxism. This is not simply a boom and slump crisis, but a crisis of the capitalist system itself.

The mood in the working class is being transformed by these events. There are enormous opportunities for the Marxist tendency to build support throughout the labour movement. Of course, this will not just fall from the skies. It must be consciously organised for.

This is why we publish a regular Marxist newspaper. Socialist Appeal in Britain, and our various sister newspapers all over the world, seek to gather together and organise the most conscious elements of the workers and youth, in order to explain the need to fight for a socialist alternative to the dead-end of capitalism crisis and misery.

Socialist Appeal strives to make conscious the unconscious strivings of workers and youth to change society. We encourage all our readers to get in contact with local Socialist Appeal supporters, or set up supporters groups where they do no yet already exist. Contact the paper today and find out how you can help in your area in the fight for socialism.

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