Guy Fawkes: revolutionary or a terrorist?

In a special Bonfire Night talk at the Sussex Marxist society, Alan Woods, editor of and author of Reason in Revolt: Marxist Philosophy and Modern Science and Bolshevism: the Road to Revolution, discusses the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and its legacy.

The Life and Ideas of Leon Trotsky

On the 75th anniversary of Trotsky's death at the hands of a Stalinist agent, we publish here a talk by Alan Woods - recorded at REVOLUTION 2015 - who discusses the life and revolutionary ideas of Leon Trotsky, the great Bolshevik leader and Marxist theoretician.

After the Elections: which way forward?

In this recording from the Bristol Marxist Society, one week after the election, Rob Sewell - editor of Socialist Appeal, analyses the results and looks at the perspectives ahead for Britain. The coming period will be one of uncertainty, turbulence, and upheaval, with revolutionary implications.

The Crisis of Capitalism and Prospects for World Revolution

In this recent recording from the 2015 Socialist Appeal supporters conference, Fred Weston - editor of In Defence of Marxism - introduces the discussion on the crisis of capitalism and the prospects for world revolution, explaining the contradictions within the global economy and analysing the mass movements and political currents that have risen up in opposition to austerity and the Establishment.

The rise of SYRIZA and Podemos

In this recording from the Southampton Marxist Society, Jorge Martin - of the International Marxist Tendency - discusses the euro crisis, the recent political movements in Spain and Greece, and the rise of radical left parties such as SYRIZA and Podemos.

Marx Capital in a Day

Marx Capital in a Day