• The Greek elections and the crisis in Europe

    Alan Woods and Ben Peck comment on the upcoming Greek elections, where a likely victory for Syriza provides a dilemma and a headache for the European bourgeoisie. Read More +
  • Charlie Hebdo and the hypocrisy of the ruling class

    Alan Woods - editor of In Defence of Marxism - looks at the impact of the latest events in France, which have sent shock waves across France, the whole of Europe, and beyond. Read More +
  • "We are internationalists": Marxist Student Federation conference 2015

    On Saturday 14th February, delegates and visitors from across Britain and internationally visitors will gather for the 2nd Marxist Student Federation conference, held in SOAS, London. The theme of this year's conference is internationalism, reflecting the growing radicalisation of youth worldwide. Read More +
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This winter we are aiming to raise £7000 to help in the fight for Marxist ideas in Britain and internationally.



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Latest news

  • Victory on the New Era estate: socialist policies needed to solve the housing crisis

    Thanks to a militant campaign of protests and demonstrations, the residents of the New Era estate have won a temporary victory and will keep their homes for the coming year ahead. But the long term housing crisis in Britain has not been solved - and indeed, cannot be solved under capitalism. A socialist programme for housing is desperately needed.

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  • China: Significant upsurge in workers’ strikes and protests in 2014

    Despite all the Keynesian experiments and the monetary stimulus, China has failed to escape the global economic crisis. Chinese workers are experiencing the economic slowdown in terms of the closures of factories and non-payment of wages. The result has been a surge in the number of strikes and the organisation of the working class in China.

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  • Greece: Historic victory for the Left as SYRIZA win elections

    Sunday 25th January saw general elections in Greece, with SYRIZA - the left-wing party - winning 36% of the vote and 149 seats in parliament - just short of the 151 needed for a majority. SYRIZA's victory marks an historic event, and is an important step in the process of radicalisation taking place in Greece and across Europe. All eyes will now be on what actions the SYRIZA leadership takes.

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  • Andy Blake (1951-2015): fighter for the working class and fighter for socialism!

    Andy Blake, a Marxist and militant trade unionist with the CWU, sadly passed away on Friday 16th January after a short illness. Rob Sewell, Editor of Socialist Appeal, remembers the life of this working class fighter and founding member of Socialist Appeal tendency.

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  • Landlords profit as rents continue to rise

    In recent months, few issues have articulated the growing frustration with endemic inequality in Britain more than that of housing. As rents continue to rise, landlords have made profits of £177bn from capital growth alone in the last five years. Only a bold socialist housing programme can tackle the crisis of housing in Britain.

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SYRIZA and state power: what is to be done?

In this talk, hosted by the UCLU Marxist Society and the Marxist Student Federation, Fred Weston of the International Marxist Tendency discusses the Euro crisis, the upcoming elections in Greece - taking place this Sunday, on 25th January - and the tasks that will face a likely SYRIZA-led government.