• The Greek elections and the crisis in Europe

    Alan Woods and Ben Peck comment on the upcoming Greek elections, where a likely victory for Syriza provides a dilemma and a headache for the European bourgeoisie. Read More +
  • Charlie Hebdo and the hypocrisy of the ruling class

    Alan Woods - editor of In Defence of Marxism - looks at the impact of the latest events in France, which have sent shock waves across France, the whole of Europe, and beyond. Read More +
  • "We are internationalists": Marxist Student Federation conference 2015

    On Saturday 14th February, delegates and visitors from across Britain and internationally visitors will gather for the 2nd Marxist Student Federation conference, held in SOAS, London. The theme of this year's conference is internationalism, reflecting the growing radicalisation of youth worldwide. Read More +
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This winter we are aiming to raise £7000 to help in the fight for Marxist ideas in Britain and internationally.



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Latest news

  • Landlords profit as rents continue to rise

    In recent months, few issues have articulated the growing frustration with endemic inequality in Britain more than that of housing. As rents continue to rise, landlords have made profits of £177bn from capital growth alone in the last five years. Only a bold socialist housing programme can tackle the crisis of housing in Britain.

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  • Flogging off the council estates in Hackney in the name of profit

    Hackney was for years a solid multi-ethnic working class stronghold in London. Now that is changing, with the borough witnessing a growing influx of rich people buying up what was previously cheap, council-owned property. It is going on across London with the Labour Party - who are often in charge of local councils - either doing nothing about it or actively joining in.

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  • Tories prepare to launch attack on the Right to Strike in the public sector

    The Conservatives have announced their intention to introduce legislation which would further limit the right to strike amongst large sections of the public sector, should they win the upcoming election. Such proposals constitute yet another attack on the right of workers to organise and defend themselves against the austerity that capitalism demands.

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  • Successful revolutionary summer camp held in Brazil

    Last week, 200 youth participated from across Brazil in revolutionary summer camp organised by the Brazilian Marxists of Esquerda Marxista. Ben Gliniecki, organiser for the Marxist Student Federation, and delegate from Britain to the Brazilian camp, reports on the enthusiastic and revolutionary mood of the young Marxists in Brazil.

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  • Eurozone braced for Quantitative Easing as crisis intensifies

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. After years of crisis and further months of prevaricating, quantitative easing will soon be implemented across the Eurozone. However, the contradictions that have prevented such a programme of QE in Europe up until now have not gone away, and the fault lines along which the Eurozone will crack are already apparent and clear.

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SYRIZA and state power: what is to be done?

In this talk, hosted by the UCLU Marxist Society and the Marxist Student Federation, Fred Weston of the International Marxist Tendency discusses the Euro crisis, the upcoming elections in Greece - taking place this Sunday, on 25th January - and the tasks that will face a likely SYRIZA-led government.