• Greece: No retreat! No concessions to the Troika!

    Jorge Martin analysis the significance of the letter from the Greek government to the Eurogroup, which details the measures it is committing itself to implement as part of the agreement reached on Friday, and which reveals the extent of the retreat from Syriza’s election programme. Read More +
  • MPs "cash for access scandal": rotten to the core

    The latest scandal surrounding MPs Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw has once again lifted the lid on the rotten, corrupt world of parliament, which is nothing but a den of thieves under capitalism. Read More +
  • Our cherished freedom of speech myth

    Freedom of expression is routinely and uncritically heralded as our society's proudest achievement to be defended at all costs. In truth, under capitalism there is no such thing as free expression nor a free press, for capital decides everything. Read More +
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Tue 3 Mar 18:30 - 20:30


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