Two hurricanes have hit the south east of the USA in the last two weeks. The total death toll has surpassed one hundred. Hundreds of thousands of households have lost everything. Hamid Alizadeh looks at these devastating weather events and the systematic factors behind why they have caused so much damage to the lives of ordinary Americans.

We publish here two articles by Arturo Rodríguez in Barcelona and one by Jorge Martin, who report on the latest events in the movement for Catalan independence and provide some background to the national question in Catalonia.

The last month has seen a flurry of hurricanes hit the Carribean and the USA, causing untold damage to the region. The frequency of these extreme weather events, and the devastation they cause, reflects the horrendous reality of climate change for ordinary people and the bankruptcy of capitalism.

As the new academic year begins, students and staff are seeing fees rise and wages cut. Yet university vice-chancellors are laughing all the way to the bank. Get these management parasites out of universities and schools. Join the Marxist Student Federation now and help us in this fight!

On Saturday 16th September, over 80 students, workers, and activists from across the country gathered for “Capital in a Day”: an event hosted by Socialist Appeal and the Marxist Student Federation to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Karl Marx's Capital. The day's event demonstrated the importance of theory and the relevance of Marx's ideas in this epoch of capitalist crisis.

This week marks 100 years since the attempted coup by General Kornilov in Russia, the aim of which was to completely crush the revolution. Dejan Kukic examines the events leading up to the Kornilov affair and explains how the working class, headed by the Bolsheviks, was able to defeat this counter-revolutionary putsch.

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The revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx

The revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx

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The myths about Marxism

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What will socialism look like?

What will socialism look like?

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Feminism, liberation, and socialism

Feminism, liberation, and socialism

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Marxism vs intersectionality

Marxism vs intersectionality

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Marxism vs Anarchism

Marxism vs Anarchism

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Educate Yourself

Socialist Appeal are proud to publish this education guide to help focus your studies of Marxist theory and practice. Visit the various tabs below to find links to introductory articles, classic texts, videos and audio talks for different topics. Read More

The Fundamentals of Marxism: suggested reading

Check out this selection of writings for an excellent introduction to many of the fundamentals of Marxist theory, providing a strong basis for those wishing to equip themselves with the ideas necessary in order to fight for socialism. Read More

Dialectical Materialism and Science

Dialectical materialism is the philosophy or methodology of Marxism. We must seek to understand the laws of society and nature in order to change them. Read More

Historical Materialism

Historical materialism is the general theory of how and why society develops in the way it does. Each social system has its inherent laws of motion. If we want to overthrow capitalist society, we must understand how capitalism works. Read More

Marxist Economics

Marxist economics is the study of the laws of motion of capitalist society, allowing us to understand why capitalism perpetually goes into crisis, where inequality comes from, and what the alternative is. Read More

The State

For Marxists, the state is not at all neutral. We must understand the state’s real basis and strip away its mysticism by treating it historically - taking in its origins, rise, and eventual fall. Read More

Russia, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalinism

The Russian Revolution is the greatest event in world history for Marxists. Studying the events of 1917, and understanding why the Revolution degenerated into Stalinism, provides vital lessons for revolutionaries today. Read More


Anarchism is naturally attractive for those wanting to abolish capitalism. But only Marxist ideas can explain why bureaucracy and oppression exist - and how to overthrow the exploitative capitalist system. Read More


Marxists are irreconcilably opposed to the oppression of women and fight determinedly for liberation and against discrimination. We believe this will be achieved through the class struggle - to abolish the oppressive capitalist system. Read More


The madness of fascism expresses the historic crisis and dead-end of capitalism. But it could have been avoided if the working class had a united revolutionary leadership, prepared to take power. Read More

Imperialism and War

Wars represent the sharp extreme of capitalism’s impasse. Imperialism, Lenin said, was the "highest stage of capitalism". As long as the profit system exists, there will be wars over markets and spheres of influence. Read More

The National Question

Nations have not always existed, nor will they always exist in the future. Marxists are internationalists, fighting for world socialist revolution as the only way forward for humanity and our planet. Read More

Revolutionary History

All written history, Marx stated, is the history of class struggle. Our task is to learn the lessons from history in order to prepare for the revolutionary events taking place today and in the future. Read More

Revolutionary Strategy

Our aim is to spread the ideas of Marxism, in an organised fashion, amongst workers and youth. In order to do this, we must study the history and traditions of the working class. Read More