The last week has seen a number of protests taking place in the fight against low pay: from a TUC demonstration against the public sector pay cap, to the continuing struggle of the Picturehouse cinema workers in their demand for a London living wage. We provide here a series of reports from Socialist Appeal supporters on the various struggles taking place in the fight for decent pay.

With Britain heading for a Brexit over a cliff, there is a deep anxiety amongst the ruling class about where things are heading. The economic outlook is bleak, and the chancellor will undoubtedly leave the bill at the feet of the working class in the form of further austerity and attacks. Labour needs to fight for a socialist alternative.

Postal workers have rightly reacted with considerable anger over the use of the courts by Royal Mail bosses, who have taken out an injunction against the first mail strike, initially called by the CWU for 19th October. Steve Jones looks at how the class bias of the state and the law have been used to temporarily hold off the struggle to defend pensions, jobs, terms and conditions.

After the loss of NHS bursaries, nurse and midwife students have seen their working hours rapidly increase, whilst racking up the same level of debt as other students. Applications to nursing courses have dropped off, leaving services stretched to the limits. Those with learning difficulties have been severly affected. Dan Langley, a student nurse, examines the real impact of Tory cuts.

UCU members at the University of Leeds were on strike last week, on 11-13th October. Owen Walsh of the Leeds UCU (personal capacity) discusses the fight against the marketisation and casualisation of Higher Education, and against an aggressive management that is looking to unfairly stack the odds in their favour.

London Underground cleaners demonstrated outside City Hall on Thursday 12th October to demand that Sadiq Khan, the Labour Mayor of London, bring them back in-house by directly employing them. The London Underground tube lines are in effect London’s arteries; the cleaners therefore have enormous power should they organise to use it.

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